Programs & Activities

Art Club - Experienced and novice student artists alike gather after school to perfect their artistic abilities and to offer art-related services to the school. The annual Halloween “Boo-Grams,” The Valentine's Day “Heart-Grams,” and the decoration of many school spaces are just some of the Art Clubs activities. All you have to do is Love Art! Contact Ms. Camino:

Drama Club - One of the most active organizations in school, the Drama Club puts on two major stage productions each year including the always-popular “Murder Mystery” at the end of the year. There are acting, backstage and technical positions for every production. Half-credit daily Drama classes produce two additional shows each year; backstage opportunities are available for both. Break a leg! Contact Mrs. Palermo:

Gaming Club - Strategy is the name of the game in this new club. The specific games played will depend somewhat upon the interests of the participants, but may include board, card and other format games. Whether you're a card shark, chess champion, or just love to play games, look to this group to join some like minds! Contact Jason Craigo:

History Club - Oberlin students from 8th through 12th grades work to increase their knowledge of History, with their hard work coming all together for National History Day in March. Displays, speeches, documentaries and formal papers; everyone strives to put forth their best personal best. Contact Ms. Shurr:

Interact Club - A youth organization sponsored by Rotary International and dedicated to character development, student leadership and community service. Contact Ms. Shurr:

National Honor Society - Once the selection process is complete , the school's top juniors and seniors participate in community-service programs, fundraisers, and tutoring of fellow students. NHS members are recognized at graduation by their distinctive sashes and medallions. Contact Ms. Smillie: or Mr. Jarven:

Newspaper - We are excited to reinstate the School Newspaper this year. If you are a budding journalist, photographer, columnist, or just want to find out more about how to put together a newspaper, consider joining this team. Contact Josie Martin:

Science Club - Calling all inquiring minds! Come explore various science disciplines in an interesting and engaging way. Environmental science may be one of the topics with possible access to some of resources of Oberlin College. Contact Ronald Bier:

Ski Club - Whether it's skiing or snow boarding, Ski Club will help bring beginners getting started and provide challenging trails for the experienced. This club will be available if there is a enough interest. There is a cost involved. Contact William Baylis:

Student Council - These elected students represent the whole student body in interactions with school administration. They also sponsor many school activities such as dances, canned-food drives, talent shows, blood drives and Freshman Mentoring. Contact: Ms. Tolbert-Brown: or Mr. Russell:

Yearbook - This dedicated group of students works throughout the year to put together and publish “O-High,” the annual pictorial and written remembrance of the school year. Contact Ms. Camino:

Youth-4-Youth - This is a very active club that strives to make school a safe and pleasant environment for everyone. Activities are held with other schools and include developing communications and student leadership. Contact Ms. Martin:

Academic Challenge
 Academic Challenge is a team sport involving interscholastic competition based upon knowledge of Math, Sciences, Literature, English, History, Art, Music and numerous other topics relevant to advanced academics. The sport tests both the individual student's knowledge and the collective knowledge of the team.

The basic format used in matches in Ohio is set forth by the Ohio Academic Competition. A standard match will normally consist of three (3) rounds: the "Alphabet Round" in which each team has four minutes to answer in writing twenty questions, each answer beginning with the same designated letter; "Team Round" where each team is asked ten (10) questions covering American Literature, Mathematics (Algebra I & II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus), World History, Fine Arts, Life Science, English Literature, U.S. Government, Physical Science, World Geography, and U.S. History, followed by a "Toss-Up" question on each subject; and the "Lightning Round" of twenty (20) questions drawn from the previous categories as well as mythology, spelling, popular culture, world religion, world literature, philosophy, earth and space science, quotations, and theatre.

A buzzer system is used for Toss-Up questions and for all questions during the Lightning Round. Some local conferences, leagues or tournaments may vary the match format a little with additional Team Rounds or additional Lightning Rounds but the basic structure of the competition stays the same.

The OHS Academic Challenge team is a school-year-long activity. Organizational meetings are held in September and when the team is formed, practices start in October and are held for several hours every Tuesday and Thursday. This schedule continues through the end of the last conference matches in March and may continue through the end of the school year if the team advances to regional and/or state competition.

During practices the team members are quizzed on old match questions, new questions from reference sources, and questions from lists of particular items. Math problems are also worked out. Emphasis is placed not only on knowledge but on developing good judgment and speed for buzzing-in to answer questions.

Oberlin High School competes in two high school Academic Challenge leagues each year, the Erie Shores Conference and the Patriot Athletic Conference (formerly the Lorain County Conference). The Erie Shores Conference consists of Oberlin and various other schools such as Elyria, Admiral King, Southview, Amherst, North Ridgeville, Vermilion. It's an informal Fall league with a schedule of home-away matches using a modified OAC format; the season runs from October-December and culminates with a tournament in December. One of the Erie Shores' format modifications allows substitution of team members for each of the five rounds. This allows more students to compete and gives newer players more experience.

The team's formal league is the Patriot Athletic Conference (PAC), which is held in the Winter-Spring at Lorain County Community College and includes teams from Black River, Clearview, Lutheran West, Brookside, Keystone, Brooklyn and Columbia. Teams compete every other Thursday for two months at LCCC, playing two matches each time.

In addition to the league competition, the OHS team has competed in the WEWS NewsChannel 5 "Academic Challenge" television show. OHS also participates in the "Scholastic Games Of Lorain County", an academic competition radio show including all the high schools in the county and sponsored jointly by LCCC, The Educational Service Center of Lorain County, and produced by Mehrling Productions.

For more information and updated schedules and scores, Contact Jason Craigo at: